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Marketing Center

Ledmewish architecture lighting company      

Factories and production equipment

Longman has own professional research and development department for studying and developing newest and advanced architectural and landscape lighting instruments technologies and patents. The vision of Ledmewish is: Contribute to beautify the World with our dramatic architecture and landscape lighting.We have some professional production equipment: Constant Temperature Constant Wet Box、SMT、Lead Free Reflow Solder Machine、Lead Free Printing Machine.




Aging Test For Lighting Fixtures

Before our Lamps leave factory and get to delivery, we make sure those lighting fixtures pass the aging test, which is normally refer to use them for 24 hours to check any problem that might happen. After aging test, waterproof test should be started in order to ensure those fixtures can handle water and rain even in a high temperature situation, so it can reach the IP code standard.


Factory production lines and lighting equipment storage warehouse