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Foreign trade clerk:
    Job Responsibilities
1, the implementation of the company's trading business, the implementation of trade regulations, develop new markets;
2, responsible for contacting customers, offer preparation, participation in commercial negotiations, contract;
3, responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, service and other work;
4, expansion and maintenance of the customer;
5, sorting and archiving of business-related information, the report related to operational work.

1, college or above, more than a year working experience; excellent fresh graduate.
2, familiar with the business operation processes and related laws and regulations, have the expertise to trade;
3, has a high level of foreign language, a good level of computer operations
4, the image of good, warm, cheerful and generous, with a good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, strong sense of public relations, with a strong sense of professionalism, team spirit and the ability to act independently, courage and innovation.
5, can challenge the high pressure, have the same experience or customer resources.

E-Commerce / Promotion Alibaba
1, foreign languages, marketing, e-commerce, computers and other related professional graduate, or have had experience in this position more than a year, are familiar with the entire workflow of e-commerce, skilled concrete steps;
2, requires certain skills or basic written English;
3, responsible for international marketing communication tools to promote the platform (such as facebook, Youtube, Tiwwer, like micro-channel platform), responsible for online shops, maintenance and updating of Alibaba, the site;
4, there is a strong aesthetic ability.