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Mood Board 700A

1、350W  AC100-240V,47-60Hz
2、Linear Image,Seperated Electri-Optical design
3、350W LED White color total 10500Lumens
4、8 PCS hand install Gobos with auto rotate wheel and multi Prism to achieve special effects

5、7CH,Dimmer,Strobe,GOBO,Gobo Rotate,Color,Prism,Prism rotate.

6、15.5KG(for Set angle),variable weight for different Barrels.

7、L*W*H=385*230*571mm(for Set angle),variable weight for different Barrels.

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  • Specification
    Voltage input: AC100-240V,47-60Hz,PF>0.9
    Rated Power:350W(336W@25℃ Peak output)
    Optical Technology:Linear Image,Seperated Electri-Optical design
    Luminaire Efficiency: >0.5,Light Efficacy >3l.4lm/W.
    LED Lumens:350W LED White color total 10500Lumens
    LED CCT: Standard 7500K,Ra>80,could choose Color filter and Gobos have their own color
    Gobos:8 PCS hand install Gobos with auto rotate wheel and multi Prism to achieve special effects
    Field Angle(10%): Set 12Deg as standard, could choose 3 versions zoom Barrels,8-20Deg,21-35Deg,36-52Deg.
    Control signal:E1.11 - 2004 USITT DMX512-A,32 bit ARM MCU,PWM>1.5KHz,Video flicker free.
    Control mode: DMX/master and slave,Aotu programm on menu
    Chanel option: 7CH,Dimmer,Strobe,GOBO,Gobo Rotate,Color,Prism,Prism rotate.
    Signal connector:IP65 Rated Canon 3XLR/Canon 5XLR as DMX standard require
    Strobe:With PWM shutter,0-20Hz strobe speed.
    Display:Touch LED display,auto turn off after 2 minutes no operation, auto show DMX signal situation.
    Housing material: QR235,ADC12 Etc,standard Matte black, customized glossy White painting, barndoor available.
    Safty: Class I, 3C 2.5mm2 VDE cable, Flame Rating V-1, Rated IP54 with anti-frosted function.
    Operate temperature:-20~+45℃,Lamp body peak temperature 60℃@25℃ Environment
    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.
    Insulated:Dielectric strength 1.5KV,Impedance strength > 2MΩ
    Weight: 19.3KG(with 300MM-8-20 Barrel),variable weight for different Barrels.
    Size: L*W*H=663*372*571mm(for 300MM zoomable Barel),variable weight for different Barrels.
    The Concept acts as Chinese Face off Opera
    Good for changing GOBO projection,especiall GOBOs have strict direction.
    8 Rotating Gobos wheel one empty to offer white color.
    Gobos Diameter 25.8mm with 22mm hole for lights to go through
    Metal GOBO for single,Glass GOBOs for colorfull.
    Display could auto turn off after 2Minutes no operation,show DMX signal situation.
    NTC temperature control system inside,reduce the power output when LED working temperature is too high.


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