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Vpower L450-led wall washer

1、AC 100V-240V  47-63Hz PF:>0.9
2、DC24V,SMPS longevity 15000Hours
3、18pcs*12W FULL RGBW LED,500mA driving total 7460Lumens output
4、 R=625nm,G=525nm,B=460nm,A=590nm,W=6500K

5、5/9/17/22CH all inside menu.

6、Size 1099*85.4*135.7mm

7、Weight 5.7KG,with Slide bracket.

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  • led-wall-washer

    Voltage input: AC 100V-240V  47-63Hz PF:>0.9

    Voltage output: DC24V,SMPS longevity 15000Hours

    Maximum power consumption: 150W(@220V 50Hz)

    Luminaire Efficiency: >0.9,Light Effiacy >50lm/W.

    Light source:18pcs*12W FULL RGBW LED,500mA driving total 7460Lumens output

    LED Color: R=625nm,G=525nm,B=460nm,A=590nm,W=6500K,offer multi-Color and many white color,SDC<0.005.

    Field Angle(10%): standard 50 °(26670Cd On axis)30°、25 x 65°Etc optional.

    Control signal:DMX512,32 bit Dim4 square law dimming, smooth in low DMX Value, no vision shock,PWM>400Hz,Flicker free.

    Control mode: DMX1990/DMX512A/stand alone/master and slave

    Chanel option: 5/9/17/22CH all inside menu.

    Housing material:Extrusion 6063,anodized Matte balck, customized other color and barndoor.

    Safty: Class II, 3C 2.5mm2 VDE cable, Endure 5ms 1.5KV shock,Insulated Resistance>2MΩ Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP65.

    Operate temperature:-20~+45℃,Light board peak temperature 80℃ with NTC protection.

    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.

    Weight: 5.7KG,with Slide bracket.

    Size: 1099*85.4*135.7mm


     High power leds 12w each 5-in-1 RGBAW better color mixing,SDC<0.005.

     7460Lumens Output,hight effieciency light output 90% Lumens within 10% Intensity field angle.

     Adopt 32 Bit MCU,Dim 4 Square law dimming for 0-100%, no visible shock at low DMX Value.

     4 bit digital display DMX address code, show DMX signal condition for debugging.

     Independent circuit driving, each 500mA,even ampere distribute.

     NTC temperature control system inside, MCU reduce the power output when LED working temperature is too high; 

     Field Angle standard 50°,could choose other angle, and also frosted piece and 25 x 65° third optical piece.

     With waterproof air valve to balance pressure,get rid of mosuisture on glass innerface.

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