• longman technology


    longman technology


    1. Anti-static products

    On the insulating ground, human body static electricity may reach several thousand volts or even thousands of volts, will produce electrostatic breakdown products if the human body static electricity exceeds 2-3KV, contact metal.
    Therefore, operation and use of electronic products such as LED, anti-static is particularly important.
    In the factory, you should wear static clothing and shoes to install electrostatic detection and anti-static clothing anti-static shoes effect of testing instruments and equipment
    Station: antistatic work area handling electrostatic sensitive components
    Storage: Store electrostatic bag or container transport
    Detection: regular testing of all anti-static measures are normal, determine the correct operation of the production and suppliers

     2. LED light source
    ◆ long life (> 100,000HRS)
    ◆ low driving voltage (1.8-4.5V)
    ◆ low power consumption (40 ~ 100mW)
    ◆ relatively cold light
    ◆ light speed (time constant 10-7-10-9S)
    ◆ Avoid suspected lighting effects
    ◆ Small
    ◆ variety of colors
    ◆ shock particularly good (all-solid packaging, not damaged)
    ◆ Good color (light emitting wavelength stabilization)
    ◆ green pollution

    3.The light emitting diode Industrial Division
    Light emitting diode assembly according to their production process can be divided into upstream wafer production (production and manufacture of single-chip and Lei chip), midstream grain production (the Lei chip production-electrode platform etching and other procedures cut LED die) and downstream package (the die package into the light emitting device), the specific process:
    Wafer process:
    Substrate - structural design - type GaN buffer layer growth --N layer is grown - multi-quantum well light emitting layer is grown --P type GaN layer is grown - annealing - detection (fluorescent light, X-rays) - epitaxial wafers
    Chip technology:
      Epitaxial wafers - design, processing reticle - lithography - Ion Etching --N electrode (coating, annealing, etching) - P-type electrode (coating, annealing, etching) - scribe - chip sorting, grading
    Packaging Technology:
    Package - expanding crystal - Silver Point (insulating plastic) - solid crystal - drying - wire - plastic closures (epoxy) - drying - the half-cut - electrical performance testing - Full cut - test sorting - packaging