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Awareness X18

1、Rated Power 40W
2、8pcs2W CREE 500mA Driving,Full on 2810Lumens
3、Performance Class, Standard deviation of Chromaticity SDC<0.005,Ra>90
4、NTC overheat protection
5、IP67 Power connector 2C*1.5mm2 Male cable(VDE,CCC Etc)
6、Recommend matchable SMPS,could also use Other DC input especially near fountain area Etc
7、Weight 4.1KG,with Rotatable supporting bracket
8、Size L*W*H=996*42*120mm(Vertical shine up)
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  • Features:

    Recommend matchable SMPS,could also use Other DC input especially near fountain area Etc.

    2810Lumens Output, output 80% Lumens within 10% Intensity.

    Glass surface to accomodate display board,less water leakage risk.

    Innner Glass surface is processed as condensation-free, also with waterproof air valve to balance pressure.

    Use SMT and low temperature reflow soldering tech to make sure heat conduct and heat sink.


    Input voltage:Standard DC24V,comprehensive 21.6-25.2V
    Rated Power: 40W(Typ.33.8W@24V)
    Luminaire Efficiency: 18pcs2W CREE 500mA Driving,Full on 2810Lumens,Effiacy >82.1lm/W.
    Color Eveness:Performance Class, Standard deviation of Chromaticity SDC<0.005,Ra>90,R9>50
    LED Color: White 5500K.Could choose Other BIN as Cree list.2200K warm white and 585nm Yellow available
    Field Angle(10%):Standard 55X12°,max intensity 11780Cd Full on,other beam angle Available
    Display:Touch operation,LED display show DMX situation and aotu turn off when no operation
    Housing material: AL6063 For Lampbody,ADC12 for Sidecover,standard Matte balck, could customized matt silver.
    Cooling Method:Neutral Heatsink,Thermal protection:NTC overheat protection
    Soukect:IP67 Power connector 2C*1.5mm2 Male cable(VDE,CCC Etc).
    Soldering technology:180℃Reflow Soldering
    Accessories:DC Female adpator Cable as stadard,T type DC branch,frosted piece,Hook,Safty Cable available.
    Operate temperature:-20~+55℃,Light board peak temperature 80℃
    Safty: Class III for electricity, Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP65.
    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.
    Weight: 4.1KG,with Rotatable supporting bracket.
    Size: L*W*H=996*42*120mm(Vertical shine up)

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