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  1. Third generation optical desgin to mix SMS & TIR technology zooming
  2. Wide zoom range,qualified for all stages rendering and rental service
  3. Compatible with W-DMX and LM-DMXA1,choose on menu
  • Basic Parameters
  • Photos and Videos
  • Size
  • Optical and Other
  • Features:
    Round beam shape,even color mixing,SDC<0.01,Archteture rated.
    Linear Mechanical Focus,9-89 degree zoomable,widely zoomable angle available
    Linear dimming for 0-100%, PWM>1500Hz,flicker free.
    Worldwide AC input, with Same Powcon Yellow/Black soucket.

    NTC function reduce the power output when LED working temperature is too high; 


    Input voltage: AC 100-240V 47-63Hz,PF>0.9

    Output voltage: DC24V,longevity 15000Hours

    Rated Power: 60W(55.2@220V 50Hz)

    Luminaire Efficiency: >0.8,Light Effiacy >29.2lm/WLED.

    LED Lumens:1PCS 60W RGBW LED,4A driving,Full on Typ 1611Lumens(40Deg).

    LED Color: R=625nm,G=525nm,B=460nm,W=6500K,good Color mixing,Standard Deveation of Chromaticity<0.005.

    Light Beam(10%):8~56°mechanical zoomable,light beam shape between hexagon and round. 

    Typical Intensity:9°(22565.0Cd),89°(1128.2Cd)also beam between

    Control signal:Meet E1.11 - 2004 USITT DMX512-A,Compatible with W-DMX and LM-DMXA1

    DMX Chanel: Standard 9CH,HSI and other optional on menu.

    Zoom Moto:Designed with SMS &TIR technology,mechanical Linear zoom

    Dimming:with linear dimming curves,PWM>1500Hz,video flicker free

    Strobe ability: could be 0-20 F.P.S with asynchronous stroboscopic effect

    Display: LCD turn off back light after 2 minutes no operation

    Heat sink:neutrally and Light board is protected not higher than 65℃

    Housing material: ABS and QR235,standard Matte balck, with install bracket and fastdo screw.

    Soldering technology:180℃Reflow Soldering,15000 hours Longevity for MCU mainboard,Moto board

    Conectors:Same Powercon Yellow soucket,3XLR Male Rated base.

    Safty: Class II, Endure 5ms 1.5KV shock,Insulated Resistance>2MΩ Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP65.

    Operate temperature:-20~+45℃

    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.

    Size and Weight:234*183*250mm,3.3KG

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