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Freebeam zoom led spot

1、IInput voltage AC 90-240V 47-63Hz,PF>0.9.

2、120W(Typ.96W@220V 50Hz),Flash Rate Endurance>12Hz Full/void load.

3、36pcs3W 700mA Driving,Full on 3340Lumens,Effiacy >35.2lm/W.

4、RGBAW Color mixing to achieve even color and tunable white,to opimize Ra and R9. 

5、Wireless Details 2.4GHz,Could choose W-DMX and LM-DMXA0 on display board

6、Weight 5.6KG,with double yokes 3mm thick supporting bracket.

7、Size  L*W*H=270*166*284mm.

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  • Features:
    led-zoom. RGBAW Color mixing to achieve even color and tunable white,to opimize Ra and R9. 
    Patent new lamp body,Amitaion of pumkin design, apears nature and sincere. 
    Step moto DMX control linear Zooming,field Angle 8-52°,suitable for all kinds of height install.
    3340Lumens Output, output 90% Lumens within 10% Intensity at 52°.
    Touch LED display,no easy broken buttons, 2 minutes no operation no display
    LED Display board to shows DMX condiction,offer 2 versions 2.4GHz Wireless DMX.
    Innner Glass surface is processed as condensation-free, also with waterproof air valve to balance pressure.
    Use SMT and low temperature reflow soldering tech to make sure heat conduct and heat sink.

    Input voltage: AC 90-240V 47-63Hz,PF>0.9
    Output voltage: DC24V,SMPS longevity 15000Hours
    Rated Power: 120W(Typ.96W@220V 50Hz),Flash Rate Endurance>12Hz Full/void load
    Luminaire Efficiency: 36pcs3W 700mA Driving,Full on 3340Lumens,Effiacy >35.2lm/W.
    Color Eveness:Performance Class, Standard deviation of Chromaticity SDC<0.005,Ra>90,R9>80
    LED Color: Red625nm(8PCS),Green525nm(10PCS),Blue460nm(6PCS),Amber595nm(6pcs),White6000K(6PCS).
    Field Angle(10%):Min8 °,Max52°,Step Moto Zooming,max intensity81500Cd.
    Control signal:DMX,32 bit Dim 4 square law dimming, smooth in low DMX Value dimming, no vision shock
    Control mode::Meet E1.11 - 2004 USITT DMX512-A/Master could set Color and beam angle on display board
    Wireless Details:2.4GHz,Could choose W-DMX and LM-DMXA0 on display board
    Dimming Curve:Dim0-4 Curve optional,PWM>1500Hz,video flicker free 
    Display:Touch operation,LED display show DMX situation and aotu turn off when no operation
    Housing material: Die cast ADC12,standard Matte balck, could customized Pumkin color.
    Cooling Method:Neutral Heasink,Thermal protection:NTC overheat protection
    Soukect:Power same as PowerCON TRUE1 Chassis, Signal with IP65 3XLR Both daisy chain.
    Soldering technology:180℃Reflow Soldering,makesure 15000 hours Longevity for SMPS and mainboard
    Accessories:Power adpator Cable as stadard,Barndoor,Hook,Safty Cable available.
    Operate temperature:-20~+55℃,Light board peak temperature 80℃,intelligent control
    Safty: Class II, Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP65.
    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.
    Weight: 5.6KG,with double yokes 3mm thick supporting bracket.
    Size:  L*W*H=270*166*284mm

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