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Parco Zoom 1215

Third generation optical desgin to have SMS technology and concaved lens zooming and still mix even
Wide zoom range,qualified for all stages rendering and rental service
Compatible with W-DMX and LM-DMXA1,choose on menu
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  • Features:
    light beam shape between hexagon and round,but even color mixing,SDC<0.005.
    Linear Mechanical Focus,9-89 degree zoomable,widely zoomable angle available
    Linear dimming for 0-100%, PWM>1500Hz,flicker free.
    Worldwide AC input, with Same Powcon Yellow/Black soucket.

    NTC function reduce the power output when LED working temperature is too high; 


    Input voltage: AC 100-240V 47-63Hz,PF>0.9

    Output voltage: DC24V,longevity 15000Hours

    Rated Power: 180W(171@220V 50Hz)

    Luminaire Efficiency: >0.5,Light Effiacy >31.4lm/WLED.

    LED Lumens:12PCS Ostar LED,1A driving,Full on Typ 5360Lumens(40Deg).

    LED Color: R=625nm,G=525nm,B=460nm,W=6500K,good Color mixing,Standard Deveation of Chromaticity<0.005.

    Light Beam(10%):8~56°mechanical zoomable,light beam shape between hexagon and round. 

    Typical Intensity:9°(75040Cd),89°(3752Cd)also beam between

    Control signal:Meet E1.11 - 2004 USITT DMX512-A,Compatible with W-DMX and LM-DMXA1

    DMX Chanel: Standard 9CH,HSI and other optional on menu.

    Zoom Moto:Designed with SMS technology and concaved lens,mechanical Linear zoom

    Dimming:with linear dimming curves,PWM>1500Hz,video flicker free

    Strobe ability: could be 0-20 F.P.S with asynchronous stroboscopic effect

    Display: LCD turn off back light after 2 minutes no operation

    Heat sink:neutrally and Light board is protected not higher than 65℃

    Housing material: ABS and QR235,standard Matte balck, with install bracket and fastdo screw.

    Soldering technology:180℃Reflow Soldering,15000 hours Longevity for MCU mainboard,Moto board

    Conectors:Same Powercon Yellow/Black soucket,3XLR/5XLR IP Rated base.

    Handle:3 M11 holes center distance 70mm 

    Safty: Class II, Endure 5ms 1.5KV shock,Insulated Resistance>2MΩ Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP65.

    Operate temperature:-20~+45℃

    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.

    Size and Weight:351*189*349mm,11.3KG

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